Special (Legendary) Explorations Edit

This page contains a complete list of all Special explorations on GPX+.

For information on explorations, click here.

For information on a specific exploration, select the quest's name from the list below.

  • Needing a Friend
  • The Quiet Forest
  • King of the Temple
  • The Three Singing Chatot
  • Deep in the Laboratory
  • Babysitting Adventure
  • Tour of Illusions
  • The Hidden Ruins
  • Mansion of Gods
  • Protecting the Fragile
  • Deep Desires
  • Summon the Hero
  • Dark Saturday
  • Beneath the Frozen Forest
  • Forgotten Memories
  • A Trio of Trials
  • Guardians
  • Finding your Muse
  • Diamonds are Forever
  • The Antlers of Life
  • The Wings of Destruction
  • The Order of Terminus Cave
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