Explorations Edit

Explorations are multi-step tasks that give a reward of a special item or pokemon. These can be found in the Explore tab of the site. Explorations have certain requirements that must be met before a user can embark on them, often involving a minimum number of interactions, achievements, dex entries, a point fee, and sometimes a required account upgrade. Every exploration requires that at least one slot be open in the user's Party before beginning the exploration. This slot must also be open to complete each task, though the user has the usage of all 6 party slots in between completion of tasks.

All Explorations can be quit at any time through the Exploration task list, by clicking the trash can icon and confirming the cancellation.

There are three categories of explorations, each denoting which type of reward can be obtained from their completion. These are Novelty & Rare Pokemon, Items, and Special (Legendaries).

Novelty & Rare Pokemon Edit

These explorations provide a reward in the form of a pokemon egg, which is placed in your party upon completion of the final step. The pokemon rewarded fall under the Novelty or Rare categories in Pokedex rarity, though not all Novelty or Rare Pokemon can be obtained through these explorations.

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Items Edit

These explorations provide rewards in the form of items, many of which are otherwise rare on the site, often only otherwise showing up in the Prize Shop. The rewards include summoning items, evolution or form change items, and miscellaneous items used around the site.

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Special (Legendaries) Edit

These explorations reward a Legendary Pokemon egg, added to the user's Party upon completion of the final step. While the other Exploration categories have quests that can be embarked on at any time (with a few exceptions for holidays and special weather conditions), Special Explorations are rotated each month, with four available each month. There is also a limit imposed on Special Explorations. Initially each player is able to complete only one Special Exploration each month. With the account upgrade Black Token or White Token, each player is then able to complete two Special Explorations each month.

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